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FAQ answers will help you before you go on trip with us:

Why hire a mountain guide?

Mountaineering, climbing or skialping with a mountain guide will give you peace of mind and the feeling that you have chosen the best.

Czech mountain guides have the highest international qualification for mountain guidance.

And the mountain guide’s obligation to clients is not only to guide them safely through the mountains. Before the tour starts, they give personal advice to the client and supports him/her in selecting the right tour. Mountain guides have a basic education in geology, fauna and flora and know the mountains and their history.  Consequently, a mountain tour becomes a life experience for the client.

The guide does not only lead the way, but is also a coach providing advice and motivation. He/she helps ambitious clients to improve technically and physically. Often the mountain guide accompanies his/her client for many years all over the world. This is the basis for friendships that last for a lifetime.  

Safety is an important issue in mountaineering. Humans are looking for recreation and adventure in the mountains. In mountaineering as in life there is a certain residual risk that cannot be eliminated. Mountain guides are professionally trained to reduce this residual risk. Their high-quality education is focused on safety and their ample experience helps the mountain guide make the right decisions in difficult situations.  

How to sign up for a tour, how to pay?

Submit the web application form. After receiving this application, we will send you a travel contract and other necessary information. The deposit must be paid within 10 days of concluding the contract by bank transfer. Final payment of the event according to the instructions in the travel contract. If you have questions or you need to discuss your individual requirements call us or write us.

When will I receive more information about the trip?

You can read more information about in individual tour offers. Then we send you further detailed instructions by e-mail with the contract. No later than 7 days before departure we will confirm the hour and place of the meeting, contacts, etc.

Terms & Conditions…

In the enclosed general terms and conditions you will find all information about registering for tours, concluding a tour contract, details of payments and information about insurance for both clients and travel agencies.

Can I arrange travel insurance with you?

With us, you can arrange membership and advantageous insurance, not only for trips to the mountains and for all your trips abroad.


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General Terms & Conditions

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